When Do You Need A Tape Data Recovery Expert?

Why tapes loss data

Why tapes loss data

Tapes are used to store a considerable amount of data. This mainly depends on the space available to them. If the tapes are not well taken care of, they can loss the data saved inside. This can be a big loss to an organization for many do store their important documents there. Many wonder if data can be recovered if maybe the tape where the data was saved has been affected by water. Tape data recovery involves the process where corrupted data are fully stored. Data recovery involves a team of expert who work hard to make sure that every kind of data is recovered. With this kind of data which is lost due to exposure to water, it can be recovered, but this depends on how important the data so there are a number of tape data recovery experts who ensure that with just a few steps, they are able to recover tape data even in the tape was damaged by water. These include;

  • Get to first categorize on the tape: Get to put the tapes in order of their importance. The one which contains the most important data can be categorized as the first to be recovered while those with less important data can be on last list where their data can be recovered later. This will save you a lot of time which you could have wasted working on all the tapes. With this also can save you money since you will not have to pay for data which is less important.
  • Get to prioritize the tapes; Prioritizing on the tapes will enable you to choose those, which have some priority information no matter how important the data is. By doing this you will be able to be in contact with the data recovery specialist

For recovering any data lost in your tap, there are a number of software, which do this. One of this software includes the kernel tape recovery software. This is a software, which is able to recover any data lost on your tapes be it through any possible way. This software is used mainly in recovering data from any type of corrupted tape cartridge Like either DAT or LTO among others. This software works in a way that it actually reduces the downtime, which can occur to absolutely zero. At the time of data recovery, the tape recovery tool was able to scan for the data to locate and as well restore of the tape data which has been corrupted.

The software itself also comes with a number of features. These may include;

  • It is able to recover both deleted folders and files.
  • Can perform a tape data recovery from either damaged or corrupted tapes.
  • It’s able to recover any tape data which was lost either due to corruption.

With this software you will be able to recover data lost on your tape of any kind. So in case your tape has been corrupted, do not be afraid to visit an expert for any kind of data recovery.