10 Effective Data Recovery Tools You Can Download For Free

Everyone knows where there important documents are placed on their computers. It is therefore easy to assume the document will always remain in the same location. The truth is quite different. You may accidentally delete something or a software bug may delete some of your most treasured files or documents. Anything that can corrupt your hard drive may cause some files to go missing. Recovering such files may seem to be the work of a professional. However, you can download some free data recovery tools to assist you get back your files. 10 of the most effective and common tools are provided below.

Recuva free
It is a free and easy to use application that is conveniently available in a portable version. After installation, a wizard can be used to determine the type of files you are searching and their location. The application then quickly scans and recovers the said files.

Undelete 360
As a free commercial product, Undelete 360 is free. The product is free although leaves out some features such as previews, file filtering and so on. Though they still appear in the interface but they are inactive. It is an application that will work within a few minutes. The program is very simple to use. All you need to do is point it at a drive. The software will scan for deleted files such as videos, PDFs, JPGs and more. You can also opt to scan and recover particular files that you wanted.

MiniTool partition recovery
Normal and free undelete programParagon rescue kit frees are good for recovering a few files. Take note that is have lost an entire partition, you will need to use a specialist application such as the MiniTool partition recovery. It recovers a whole partition in minutes or hours depending on the size of the partition.

Wise data recovery
It is not easy to think of a tool that is simpler than Wise data recovery. There are no dialog boxes, no complicated options and no menus. All you have to do is select a drive, click Scan and wait for the program to locate any deleted files. Choose the files you want, click Recover and let the program do the rest.

An extremely powerful undelete tool that has very few restrictions is PhotoRec. It runs almost everywhere (OS X, LINUX, WINDOWS, DOS and more) and it is free. It works with most device types and file systems. Furthermore, it can recover a deleted partition through the use of bundled TestDisk.

10 Effective Data Recovery Tools You Can Download For Free

Freeundelete is not the best program to use for recovering files on a FAT system. However, when it is used on NTFS, the story is quite different. People who have used the application have stated that it works extremely well on NTFS partitions. It does not consume a lot of storage space and can work of any version of Windows as long as the file system used is NTFS.

Paragon rescue kit free
Undelete tools that you have installed previously will be useless in the event your computer is trashed to the point it won’t boot. This is where Paragon Rescue Kit Free comes in. it has the option of burning to a disk and use the same disk to recover your files.

Other great tools are:

  • PC Inspector File Recovery
  • Pandora Recovery
  • Glary Undelete